Tournament By Laws and Rules

All games will be played in accordance with current USA Softball rules for Slow Pitch Softball, except as stated otherwise.

The Tournament Director’s interpretations of all rules are final and binding. The Tournament director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament including matters not covered by the rules. 

In the event of inclement weather or extraordinary circumstances, the Tournament Director shall have the authority to change the format as follows:

1) Relocate and reschedule any game.

2) Reduce length/duration of the game.

3) Cancel any preliminary game(s) having no bearing on division winner selection.

Tournament Fee: Cost of the Tournament is $175 per team. Paid teams are entered into the tournament at a “first come first serve” basis.  Teams are to provide their own softballs for games played during the tournament.

Fee is to be paid once registered online. If alternative payment is needed, contact the Tournament Director. Any fees being paid on Tournament day are to be paid prior to a team's first scheduled game at Wheeler Athletic Complex Concession Building.

Fee break down: 45% for umpire fees, 30% tournament soft cost (payouts, trophies, etc.), 15% field usage and maintenance Cost, 10% Website and Software usage cost.

Refund Policy: If your team is accepted into the tournament, registration is non-refundable. If the tournament is canceled after games have been played, no refunds will be given. Tournament Director will not be responsible for losses, expenses or other liabilities of any type incurred by any team or individual if the tournament is canceled in its entirety or in part for any reason. Exception to refund will be considered if another team is able to fill canceling teams spot in the tournament. No refunds will be given for cancellation seven days prior to start date of tournament.

Tournament Format: Each team is randomly drawn into divisions. Each team will play those within a division. Best team from each division will advance on to a Championship Bracket. (5 game guarantee for each team) Tournament director has the right to alter tournament format due to registered amount of teams, but will maintain game minimum per team.

•Games shall be seven innings or one hour time limit, whichever comes first.  No new inning shall begin after time has expired.

• A complete game shall consist of four complete innings.

• Run Limit: 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs any time after 5th inning.

• Two Home Run limit allowed per game, per team. All homeruns afterward result in batter being out at that at bat only.

• Three Ball/ Two Strike pitch count with no courtesy foul allowed.

• USA Softball and USSSA Approved bats allowed only. Bats may be refused for play due to bat condition. Umpire and Tournament Director have the right to clarify legitimacy of bats.

• Men are to hit a optic yellow, 12” 52/300 with “Certified” stamp and Women are to hit a optic yellow, 11” 52/300 with “Certified” stamp.

• No Game can end in a tie, therefore time limit does not apply to break a tie.

• Home/Away will be decided by a coin flip at the beginning of each game.

• Team need at least 8 players to start a game and may finish with a minimum of 8 players due to injury.

• Game time is forfeit time. Please arrive early to the schedule field.


• Positions on the field may be changed at random, however, the batting order must remain the same.

•Under no condition are runners allowed to stealing bases during play of this tournament.

Absolutely no outside Coolers, Beer, Food or Drinks allowed within fenced are of Wheeler Athletic Complex. Food, Beer and Drinks are sold at Concessions Building of Wheeler Athletic Complex. Please keep food and drinks off of all fields.

Team Rosters: All teams are required to submit a team roster on a Roster Sheet prior to the start the teams’ first game. (Roster Sheet Available at Wheeler Concession Building)

•Players are to be listed on one roster only, no new player names shall be added after the first game of the tournament. Players are NOT allowed to play on multiple teams, unless approved by opposing team and tournament director prior to start of a game. 

•ABSOLUTELY NO A, B or C classified men players allowed to on any team in this tournament.

•ABSOLUTELY NO A or B classified women players allowed to on any team in the tournament.

•ABSOLUTELY NO A, B or C classified Teams allowed to play in this tournament.

Penalty for violation of rules will result in forfeit of game and can result in ejection from player/team from tournament. Final decision is at the discretion of the Tournament Director and/or Umpire in Chief.

Umpires: One Umpire per game, except in championship games there may be two.

•Umpires are in charge of the game, decisions made on the field are final. 

•All players are to make their appeals to their Team Manager, not the umpire.

•If an appeal is needed to be made, only the Team Manager is to bring to the appeal to the Umpire. If the Umpire needs further clarification, the Umpire in Chief for the Tournament may be called in for clarification of a ruling.

•Players are asked to be respectful to the Umpires, as the Umpires are asked to be respectful to the players.

Unsportsmanlike conduct including foul language, umpire abuse, illegal physical contact or any action deemed inappropriate by the umpire will result in ejection from the game. Players must meet with the Umpire in Chief of the Tournament and Tournament Direct for evaluation to continue play within tournament.

The Tournament Director and/or Umpire in Chief  reserves the right in their sole discretion to impose any penalties if, in their judgement, any player, manager, umpire or team conducts him/herself in any manner that does not positively reflect the standards of sportsmanship. This includes displays of unsportsmanlike conduct, "making a mockery or travesty of the game." or violates any rules, regulations, or policies contained herein during the game. They also reserve the right to impose any penalty deemed appropriate, if action is necessary to correct a situation brought to its attention, regardless of the source of that information. Decisions may be the Tournament Director and/or Umpire in Chief for final and binding.